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Manager Coaching by Stuart Berry

I love managing. Back when immigrating to Canada it was my skill as “healthcare manager” that Canada both recognized and wanted. This enabled fast track application as a federal skilled worker all those years ago.

I have been a Chiropodist for, what, going over 24 years now and a healthcare manager for 17 years.  Over that time, I have loved the rewards managing brings. I see myself as a collaborative leader - one which enjoys utilising the skills of my team in both undertaking tasks but also in making decisions. I rely on my team day in, day out, but I always ensure they know I am available and approachable.

Developing my team, which spans two continents, with thriving offices in the UK and in Niagara Falls Canada is key to everyone’s success: patients, team members, The Footcare Centre itself. Each team member thrives through development. I utilise goals and objectives as a tool to further my team’s development - I have them and each team member has them. We grow together.

If you ever attend our offices as a patient, you will experience a professional yet laid back approach - you will experience quality care, but hopefully enjoy the experience too! I cultivate this culture with my team, our team ethic and our vision and mission.

Who are we as a team?

“By offering the Care, Professionalism and Time that feet deserve, our goal is to be the # 1 choice that comes to mind when people think about footcare.

WHAT WE DO: We treat patients who are suffering from various foot-oriented problems & help by providing structured plans to improve foot health, reduce pain & promote healthy active living, while maintaining a better level of care.

HOW WE DO IT: We combine a professional approach with evidence based, tailored care solutions. We take the time to clearly communicate with patients the various options available and suggest appropriate courses of action.

WHY WE DO IT: We believe all feet deserve to be healthy and we truly enjoy making an impact on people's lives.”

I love coaching, one-to-one development, inducting new team members, and mentoring those who need it. There is nothing more rewarding than mentoring a colleague to become a better version of themselves.

I truly thrive on managing “the business” too: the numbers, the statistics, testing, and measuring. I test and measure pretty much everything in our business. By measuring, we can improve as a team, as a service, and improve our outcomes on the care we deliver. This is where management-meets healthcare-meets science and I use my skills as a chartered scientist in my business management and care.

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Stuart Berry, CSci

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