bunion and corn
A bunion – called Hallux Abductovalgus – is the common name for a protruding big toe joint on the side of the foot which can cause difficulty finding shoes of sufficient width and can cause pain and rubbing.

A bunion is caused by a displacement of the first metatarsal bone (the long bone in the arch) and its connecting toe bone (called the phalanx). This displacement is oftentimes a result of poor footwear including fashion shoes, court shoes or pointed shoes.

The abnormal foot posture is also sometimes an underlying factor therefore a Foot Specialist like your chiropodist may sometimes suggest correcting foot position or foot posture using orthoses (special insoles) as an adjunct to improving styles of footwear.  Also there is often a tendency for bunions to run in families.

We may also be able to offer help with respect to footwear for difficult to fit feet.  Click here for further information on this service.

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