Sports Injuries

Sports injuries 1Foot pain in hockey or sore feet skating and skiing are as frustrating as running injuries or painful feet playing baseball or basketball. Sports injuries of the foot are common in a chiropodist’s office. These sporting injuries can be overuse injuries, acute trauma injuries or other chronic injuries.

Overuse Injuries: Common overuse injuries include Plantar Fasciitis (Heel pain), Tendinitis and Bursitis.

These injuries are common in the running or sporting population. They are often perceived by the sports player as not having a mechanism of injury – the pain just starts up with no injury, collision or fall being recollected. However overuse injuries are, as the name describes, the outcome of overuse.

Overuse can either be attributed to an increase in training schedules or running mileage, such as training for a tournament of a marathon OR can be the result of doing the same activity at the same intensity over several weeks, months or years.

Sports injuries 2All connective tissue in the body such as muscle, tendon, ligament or bone has the capacity to withstand a certain amount of force placed upon it. However, repetitive and recurrent application of force to these tissues will slowly cause them to weaken and eventually they start to fail. Since we are all different, the threshold at which overuse injury develops is different for each of us.

Acute Trauma Injuries: These are injuries which happen rapidly and can often be attributed to a specific mechanism of injury such as uneven ground causing an ankle sprain, or a hockey or soccer injury.

Conditioning, Stretching and your feet.

Remaining well-conditioned and keeping supple by stretching effectively is a good way of avoiding injury.

Your foot specialist/chiropodist may check your biomechanics and gait (Foot and leg posture or positioning can be an important component of the development of an injury).

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