Toe Joint Pain

foot pain (3)A common change to a big toe joint is the condition Hallux Limitus. Rather than moving within a complete range of motion (like a hinge) the big toe joint flexibility can become restricted Slow degenerative changes to the big toe hinge joint contribute to this change. This is called a Hallux Limitus.

Hallux Limitus can be painful, and is can be exacerbated by heeled shoes or activities requiring the bending of the big toe such as walking, bowling or golf. Hallux Rigidus is where the big toe hinge joint becomes more rigid and more immobile.

Foot specialists/chiropodists can assess your big toe joint pain.    Often orthotics can help improve symptoms or the functioning of the big toe joint.

Other causes of big toe joint pain include gout, osteochondrosis, sesamoiditis, arthritis.  Always ensure your big toe joint is checked out!

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