geriatric foot care

Sore feet, the problems associated with the ageing foot and the fear of falling becomes a worry for many seniors, their families and their care givers. Chiropodists can hope to help with foot care and the prevention of falls in several ways.

1. Pain relief – Offering regular, maintenance foot care can be important in the battle against painful feet. Keeping toenails in check, hard skin minimised and having painful corns regularly removed help people move more freely. By reducing the need of ‘guarding’ painful feet, chiropodists/foot specialists hope to reduce the risk of falls because of ‘antalgic gait’ – an altered gait pattern due to pain.

2. Footwear – The wrong footwear can contribute to feet feeling unstable. Ill-fitting shoes that slip or cause pain lead to instability. Instability can lead to trips or falls. A foot specialist/chiropodist with a special interest in fitting footwear is particularly useful. Orthopaedic shoes, with features that are catered to an individual’s specific needs can help keep them safe and mobile. Get appropriate advice from your foot specialist.

3. Custom foot orthotics may be prescribed by a chiropodist/foot specialist: they can help improve balance or proprioception and may help hold your feet in a more stable position, improving your body’s base of support. Custom orthotics can also relieve pain, helping avoid painful gait patterns.

4. Assessing risk. Your chiropodist can help assess stability using pressure plate analysis and can co-ordinate with other professionals.

If you’re experiencing foot pain of any kind or would like more information on how to maintain healthy feet as you age, we recommend you speak with a chiropodist who can offer you professional advice and guidance. Call us to book now.

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