Custom orthotics – individual orthotics for individuals

We seek to develop the most appropriate treatment for the different foot conditions that we see.  This also goes for our custom orthotics which are always prescribed individually to provide a completely custom and bespoke orthotic, designed to meet the needs of the patient, the presenting problem being treated and the objectives of us clinicians treating the foot.  Delivering complete family footcare means being skilled at delivering footcare to the very young (we call this special interest podopaediatrics), the aging, those with sports injuries and those with diabetes – a skill I think we have developed well.

We always try and avoid the scenario where the patient arrives and says “I just need some orthotics”, after all when it comes to custom foot orthotics we know, that there is no ‘just’ about it.  There is a science to the foot-medicine that we deliver and patients are always assessed in order to make our orthotics custom designed.

We take care over our custom orthotics. By examination of the structure and function of the foot and understanding the needs of our patients we can carefully consider our orthotic prescription and design.

We are professional over our custom orthotics.  Through our interactions with patients, our professional invoicing and delivering quality orthotics we aim to deliver a seamless professional service.

We take time over our custom orthotics.  Making the effort to listen, assess, prescribe and accurately cast the foot.  We think its worth the wait whilst we utilise expert laboratories to then make your custom orthotics.

The care, time and professionalism that your feet deserve; that’s The Footcare Centre way, and that’s the way we like to deliver our custom orthotics too!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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