Falls and Feet!

We love feet, and let’s face it, at Niagara Falls we have thousands of them….!

With the three waterfalls in the locality which constitute the collective Niagara Falls we can really add up the feet.  These are namely the American Falls, The Bridal Veil Falls and of course the famous Horseshoe Falls.

The largest, lying to the Canadian side has a drop of more than 165 feet.

The Falls is the most marked drop in elevation of the Niagara River which flows from Lake Erie down to Lake Ontario approximately on a 326 foot elevation below.  Approximately half this drop in elevation happens at Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls is one powerful waterfall and is the most powerful waterfall in North America due its vast flow rate and height.  Although it is not the highest, it’s width allows for a peak flow rate of over 6 million cubic feet of water per minute over the waterfall crest, that’s an average flow of about 4 million cubic feet or so!  Staggering.

Below the Falls, the deepest section of the Niagara River, at 170 feet deep, equals the height of the falls above.

A day admiring the falls is hard on anyone’s feet so be sure to wear the right shoes – sensible fasten up walking shoes or runners are ideal.  Walking in the wrong shoes can lead to problems such as blisters or ingrown nails

Here at The Footcare Centre we are pleased to help with any foot problems – and it is a convenient 16,000 foot or so from the Horseshoe Falls to the office!

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