Football Feet

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup plays out, I must say it always pleases me when I hear the beautiful game more frequently being referred to as football here in Canada rather than soccer.  For the benefit of this blog when I talk about football, I really mean soccer…sorry Niagara Falls Soccer Clubs and Canadian Football Clubs!

Having treated many football players over the years – from professional premier league players in the UK, all the way down to amateur league and juniors, watching the women play out their injury time during the world cup matches drives home how easily injury can happen and how important our role can be in keeping those footballing sporty feet healthy.

According to FIFAs publication “Health and Fitness for the Female Football Player” there has been a 210% increase in women’s participation in football over the last 10 years with explosive growth seen in many countries.

From looking at injury patterns, slightly lower rates of injury per match were noted compared to men’s football, however similar to men’s football, the younger players seem to get injured more frequently.

For more information you can check out the full publication here

The types of injury are interesting too.  It is somewhat reassuring to note that 78% of time-loss injuries are in fact minor.  However most (approximately two-thirds) of the injuries affect the lower limb with the most often undiagnosed injury being an ankle sprain.


Over my involvement treating football players other common problems encountered include damaged nails, fungal toenails or ingrown nails or blisters.


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