Ingrowing Toenails

The Footcare Centre is pleased to be a centre of excellence for foot care and all different types of ingrowing toenails.

Different types of ingrowing toenails? Really? How many types of ingrown nail can there be in the Niagara greater Toronto area?

Well, I thought I would shed a bit more light on the subject since today has been no exception with respect to assessing and treating sore toenails.  We all tend to be a bit more active and ‘outdoorsy’ in the summer and changes in activity and footwear can certainly trigger nail problems.

So, what are the different types of ingrown nail seen or treated?

Well lets start with the curled nail edge – the involuted nail.  This form of ingrown nail may not have punctured the skin, but has an over-curvature to it.   The over-curvature causes a painful ingrown nail shape.

Plicatured nails are similar to an involuted nail, though the shape often resembles a block of staples, with one or both edges of the nail curled sharply to a 90 degree angle to the flat nail plate surface.

Pincer nails are aggressively curved and to look at this nail from the end it might look as though it is trying to loop the loop on itself as it pincers the toe beneath.

All of the over-curvatures above are painful nail deformities – especially when compressed by shoes, tight clothing or bedding.

And yet it is onychocryptiosis – a toenail which has punctured the skin to cause a ‘truly’ ingrown toenail.

Do not be dismayed if you have a painful nail, treatments are available!  On-the spot treatment can often be undertaken painlessly, or numbing medicine such as local anaesthetic can be used.

More long term methods to treat curly, painful or ingrown nails are available in-office including matrixectomy of the offending curly nail edge.

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