What is a Chartered Scientist?

The chartered scientist, or ‘CSci’ award is a great way for me to demonstrate to patients a level of assurance as achieving this designation shows that you are ” … are practicing at the highest level*”.

I was awarded the status of Chartered Scientist by the College of Podiatrists recently at the College of Podiatrists Annual Conference on behalf of the Science Council, UK.

“To qualify for the Chartered Scientist designation applicants must possess a combination of high-level scientific knowledge and experience. This is typically demonstrated by an accredited Masters qualification together with four years of post-graduation-level experience sufficient to meet the CSci competencies…..Where a candidate does not hold an accredited degree, they may still show equivalence*”

CSci is a professional designation awarded in the UK “set at the same high level as other chartered titles such as Chartered Mathematician and Chartered Engineer*”

CSci represents, a single chartered mark for all scientists, recognising high levels of professionalism and competence in science.*”

I am very pleased and proud to have been awarded the Chartered Scientist status and thank you all for your continued support!


Stuart Berry BSc (Hons) Pod CSci

(*The Science Council).

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