Falls Prevention

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Falls prevention Falling becomes worrying for many seniors and their families and carers.

Chiropodists can hope to help with the prevention of falls in a number of ways.

  1. Pain relief – Offering regular, maintenance care foot care (this ‘palliative foot care’ that chiropodists provide) can be important in the battle against painful feet.  Keeping toenails in check, hard skin minimised and painful corns regularly removed can enable those who are vulnerable of falls the freedom to remain more mobile and more comfortable on their feet.  By reducing the need of ‘guarding’ painful feet chiropodists/foot specialists hope to reduce the risk of falls where people adopt an ‘antalgic gait’ – an altered gait pattern due to pain.
  2. Footwear – The wrong footwear can contribute to feet feeling unstable.  Instability can lead to trips or falls, or if shoes are ill-fitting they can slip or cause pain. A foot specialist/chiropodist with a special interest in the fitting of footwear is particularly useful.  Sometimes orthopaedic non-slip soles of which are lightweight, whilst supportive can often help.  Get appropriate advice from your foot specialist.
  3. Improved stability  Biomechanical and gait assessment may reveal that orthotic devices prescribed by a chiropodist/foot specialist may be of benefit. Improving stability may also be achieved by liaising with other professionals – a foot specialist/chiropodist can help  co-ordinate this.
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