For the Runner, Ball and Puck Player

Treatment for RunnersTreatment for Runners, Ball and Puck Players.

Chiropodists/Foot Specialists can offer the sporting community a  ‘full house’ of advice and treatment services for their feet.

Comfortable athletic shoes are important, so why not ask your chiropodists/foot specialists advice on your running shoes – ensure you have the correct shoe for your foot type.

Are you ‘Pronated’, ‘Highly-pronated’, ‘Supinated’, ‘Highly-supinated’ or ‘Within norms’?

For the novice and advanced runner this is a confusing area, so let a chiropodist take a peek!

More complex sports-related problems or recurrent injury can be assessed by your chiropodist. Biomechanical and gait analysis can be performed. Chiropodists/foot specialists are able to help with all your foot orthotic queries too.

As demanding athletic programmes continue those friction problems, blood blisters, toenail traumas and corns orcalluses can be assessed and treated by your foot specialist/chiropodist too.

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