Heel Pain

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Heel pain is sometimes placed under an umbrella of ‘policemans heel’, however as anyone with heel pain knows – it is not unique to any one single profession! Here are some common offenders that cause heel pain:

  • Plantar fasciitis – inflammation/degeneration of the long fibrous fascia under the arch of the foot, often where it inserts under the heel bone.  Sometimes called plantar fasciosis.
  • Sub-calcaneal bursitis – a bursal sac beneath the heel bone which becomes painful and inflamed.
  • Severs Disease – a painful heel condition often experienced in the juvenile at the location of the apophyseal growth plate on the heel bone.  Sometimes called a traction apophysitis.
  • Nerve-related pains – Nerves pass around the ankle joint and then pass near the heel.  Pain can be due to local irritation or changes of these nerves, or even due to changes, irritation or compression further up the nerve.

The Footcare Centre follows evidence-based pathways in its assessment and treatment of heel pain.


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