Minor Surgery

Chiropodists/foot specialists may undertake minor surgical treatments such as nail surgery, laser treatment or electrosurgery within the office for some conditions such as toenails, planatar warts, or corns. Onwards referral for surgical assessment may also be advised by foot specialists/chiropodists for some more extensive conditions such as boney conditions.

Chiropodists/Foot Specialists manage damaged, ingrown, in-growing, involuted (curly), thickened and painful toenails.

Toenail surgery is carried out by chiropodists/foot specialists under local anaesthetic. This is achieved by using a numbing agent in toe.

What does it involve?

Toenail surgery is a form of elective surgery that can be undertaken by a suitable foot specialist/chiropodist.

In a partial nail avulsion a piece of toenail is removed from the side that is problematic and commonly a chemical is applied to prevent that piece of nail growing back again.

Sometimes the degree of toenail problems means that a chiropodist/foot specialist will discuss removal of the whole nail.

Ask your chiropodist about the conservative and longer term elective solutions for toenails.

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