flat feet

Flat feet is a condition that affects those who have little to no arch in their feet. When you stand, a person who does not have flat feet will have a gap from the inner part of their feet to the floor, due to the normal arch that slightly rises off the ground. Those with flat feet will experience no such gap. While there are some people who experience no issues with their flat feet, or for their arch to be considered within normal, it is not uncommon for those with this condition to experience discomfort or pain.

Flat feet may cause a certain level of pain due to strained muscles and connecting ligaments, or the onset of degenerative changes within the foot.

There are many reasons that play a role in why a person may develop flat feet. For instance, certain genetic factors passed down from parents can lead to flat feet. Infants may naturally appear to have flat feet; however, their arches should develop over time. Having overall weak arches, a foot or ankle injury, arthritis, or a muscle or nervous system disease may all increase your likelihood of having flat feet. Tarsal coalition, a foot condition causing the fusion of bones in the feet, may also play a part in developing flat feet. Other common factors that are linked to flat feet include diabetes and obesity.

To manage the discomfort that may come with flat feet, chiropodists may compliment your care with recommended stretching and strengthening exercises. Calf stretches are a great way to stretch the back of the leg and help loosen up calf muscles that are often tight and associated with flat feet. Placing a golf ball under your foot and rolling it back and forth while seated is another great stretch, especially for your plantar fascia ligament.

Concerns about flat feet will be assessed by your chiropodist professionally to identify the cause and if treatment is needed. It may be necessary to change the footwear you wear which your chiropodist will give advice on or to look into shoe inserts / custom foot orthotics to help relieve pain.

Managing initial problems associated with flat feet or fallen arches, it is suggested you get plenty of rest. Performing daily stretches are a great way to loosen up your muscles and relieve strain.

If you’d like more information on how to treat discomfort you’re feeling because of flat feet, consult with a chiropodist for the best treatment options for your case. Call us to book now.

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